Live-in House and Cat Sitters: The Healthy Alternative to Catteries

Personal Care for your Home and Pets

We are cat sitting specialists committed to delivering the highest level of care and affection to all the cats in our charge.

True cat lovers to care for your home & pets

You are planning a holiday and want your cats to have the best possible care in your absence. Having someone coming round just to top up their biscuit bowls and change their litter tray is not enough.

You want genuine “cat people” who will love, understand and care for your cats as if they were their own.

Well, you’ve found us!

We are very experienced, top rated international live-in house and cat sitters with a genuine love of all things feline.


Why use “live in” house & cat sitters

  • Your cats will be much happier in their familiar surroundings
  • Shy, old or infirm cats find catteries particularly stressful
  • No need to bother friends or relatives

  • They will be watched over day and night, not just a few minutes a day

  • Keeping your house occupied is a powerful burglar deterrent

  • You will return to a clean home and very happy cats

  • You will save money on cattery fees

Why choose the Cat Mad Sitters

  • Your cats’ comfort & wellbeing is our number one priority
  • We maintain their feeding, sleeping & exercise routines
  • We give them our undivided attention

  • We have a solid track record of happy hosts and happier cats

  • We have huge respect for your home and are power-bill friendly

  • We work from home, so spend a lot of time with the cats

  • We don’t just love cats. We KNOW cats.









“If you want cat lovers to take care of your cat, Mark and Maria are it. If you hesitate to contact them for your next vacation, you are missing out.”

Laura, Ghent, Belgium

“Maria and Mark took perfect care of absolutely everything and our cats enjoyed meeting truly cat-enthusiast, kind, and considerate people (as did we!)”

Christin, Berlin, Germany

“Maria and Mark were an absolute dream. They are extremely knowledgeable about cats. They lavish love on the pet and the home and it is really lovely to see.”

Aine, Dublin, Ireland

Expert, Loving Cat Care

Cat owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions.

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