First, a little disclaimer

Whilst the service we provide is professional in nature, it is important to note that we are not a business, and therefore our relationship would not be business-like in nature, but one based on mutual trust, consideration, appreciation and respect. 

When we house and cat sit for you, we stay in your home under the same conditions that a trusted friend or family member would. Whilst we take out adequate travel insurance, we would also expect you to have adequate home contents insurance yourself, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your policy also covers visitors in your home.

  • We commit to treating your home and possessions with the utmost respect, and to giving your pets the love, care and attention they need.

  • You commit to providing us with a clean and safe home, and to being upfront about your expectations and in the description of the pets and living environment.

  • We all commit to honouring our agreement, and not cancelling on each other unless extenuating circumstances force us to. You would not want us to leave you looking for replacement sitters at the last minute, and we would not want you to leave us out of pocket with non refundable plane tickets.

What we require in exchange

Because we would be leaving our own home in order to come and look after yours, please understand that we need to be able to continue to work, and expect a certain level of comfort. For this, we require:

  • Internet connection. As we both work online, we require access to a fast and reliable internet connection.

  • Clean, smoke-free and mould-free home. We have high standards of hygiene and tidiness and love to house sit for house proud home owners.

  • Quiet environment. Is there any loud and/or persistent noise pollution (such us heavy traffic, noisy neighbours (loud music, barking dogs etc), construction work, or similar that would affect our concentration/sleep?

  • Good bed. Ah, the quest for a good night’s sleep! Due to a sleep disorder, we need a good sized bed (150+ cm wide, 2 separate beds would be great). We’re afraid that sofa beds, airbeds etc would not work for us.

  • Permission to photograph. Being able to take and share (on our websites and social media accounts) photos of your cats, and of us interacting with them, is an integral part of our “resumé”. Occasionally, we also share images of us doing things like mowing the lawn, but we’d like to to stress that we value your privacy and never share images or information that might violate it.

  • Transportation: We are happy to use public transport, however access to a vehicle would be a great bonus (naturally we cover the costs of our own petrol), and a necessity in areas where public transport is infrequent or non-existent.

And to make sure we’re on the same page…

Although we do not charge, we always strive to provide an outstanding service to our hosts, and often go above and beyond what is required. Therefore please understand that the conditions below are non-negotiable.

  • We will expect you to cover all the house running costs (utilities, maintenance, cleaning products, etc). We use utilities responsibly!

  • We also expect you to cover all pet related expenses (food, litter, vet visits, medicines, etc).

  • No other persons should be allowed to occupy any part of the house during our stay. You should also inform us, with adequate notice, if you expect anyone to come to the property for any reason (such as gardener). This is both to protect our own privacy and safety and that of your house and pets.

  • We do not consent to being filmed or watched inside the house via surveillance equipment. If you have such devices installed, we will politely request that they are disabled during our stay. We are more than happy to Skype/Facetime with you at any point however.

  • We will request that you fill out a questionnaire which will serve as a record of what we both agree to, and will give you an opportunity to give us details of how you wish your home and pets to be cared for.

  • We will request that you leave us with a modest cash sum to cover any unexpected expenses. For example, if we need to buy extra cleaning materials or extra cat food etc. We do not use this cash for anything personal and always keep receipts as proof of expenditure.

Any other questions?