• We have no pecuniary interest in your pets. We make our money elsewhere!

  • We genuinely love spending time with cats, but our lifestyle makes it difficult for us to have our own.

  • We love discovering new places and house sitting enables us to travel in a very cost effective way.

  • We feel that receiving free accommodation is a fair exchange for our services.

  • We are selective with the assignments we consider and don’t accept any we don’t see as a win-win situation (see how it works).

  • And last but not least… we feel that when money exchanges hands, the dynamics of the relationship change. We prefer to build relationships built on mutual trust and respect, and this is why we don’t accept house sitting offers where we are required to pay a deposit, or cover the cost of utilities.

Thanks to this arrangement, see how much money you would save!

And that’s not all! Also keep in mind that:

Most pet sitters will charge you extra if…

  • there are more than 2 pets to look after

  • any of the pets needs medication

  • it involves travelling outside their immediate area (around 10km)

  • you want your mail picked up / scanned

  • there are plants to water

  • the visits take place at weekends / holidays

And their services do not include:

  • vet visits in case of health emergencies

  • overnight stays – for anxious pets, or for home security

  • lawn mowing or any kind of gardening / plant care

  • swimming pool / spa maintenance

  • house security or house keeping

  • repairs in emergencies

You can see how the cost of paying for house and cat sitting services over just a couple of weeks could easily add up to several hundred euros!

Can a free service be any good? Don’t take our word for it!