We spent 4 rainy weeks with beautiful Ava in Dublin. Ava has one of the most beautiful kitty faces you have ever seen – those cute little ears and her huge, perfectly green eyes just make you fall in love with her instantly.  She loved spending time in the garden, but the weather was so wet throughout our stay that she spent more time indoors than she would’ve liked. Some days however she would just choose to stay outside despite the rain, seeking refuge under the hostas leaves, and enjoying the fresh air.

She was a little timid when she first met us, and wasn’t too fond of attention, so we made sure we let her be and gave her the time and space she needed until she was happy to come looking for attention herself. It only took her a couple of days to come round, but she was certainly a very independent little girl. Whilst she welcomed head scratches and cheek rubs, she mostly enjoyed love on small doses only. She was fond of having company though, and would come looking for us if we were not in the same room as her, and ask us for play time by sitting outside the cupboard where her toys were stored and meowing insistently, or simply “keeping watch” outside it until someone walked by.

She was also an accomplished escape artist!  Whilst the garden was set up so that she couldn’t leave it, she was persistent in her attempts to find weak spots and exploit them, and she kept us on our toes as we repeatedly reinforced them to try and foil her next break out. Her most distinctive and endearing trait however was the way she would ask for attention if we were sitting at the table. She would stand up and tap you ever so gently on the arm with her paw, whilst letting out a soft, prolonged “meeeeow”. It was impossible to resist!